Brian Riungu

Brian Riungu Managing Partner, Mindshare

Brian has honed his skills from working in a couple of markets in East Africa , namely Kenya , Tanzania and managing different accounts in both these countries. In Kenya, he started off as media planner. A role which helped him understand the media planning basics and principles whilst handling both Kenyan and multi-national clients.  While in Tanzania, Brian’s role was a media manager . This transition aided him to not only take on a leadership role but also how to adopt to a different culture, an invaluable lesson he has carried to this day.

In Tanzania, he diversified his role and took on more responsibilities by setting up, pitching, and running a media arm of an agency whilst being the Account Director. Brian was responsible for client relationship. Having been well equipped with a vast array of skills, Brian came back to Kenya where he was tasked with managing the media account for the largest telecommunication company in Kenya. His role was to ensure we step change and drive excellence in media planning while ensuring that the client satisfaction levels are 90+ , a task he accomplished.

With Brian, you get a person who understands media planning, buying, strategy, execution, optimization, and reporting. You also get a person who has worked in various capacities in different markets which have led to honing his people, business development and leadership skills.

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